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Interview: Dr. Keith Grimaldi of Eurogene on Nutrigenomics

Read the Interview with Dr. Keith Grimaldi here

Eurogene Mid-term Workshop Agenda
On the 27th of November the EUROGENE project organised the midterm Workshop. The WorkShop was hosted by BEL ICCS and enjoyed the presence of the Hellenic Dieticians Association and Ministry of Health representatives. Many of the country's best doctors and dieticians were present too. Find below a table that depicts the WorkShop Program and speakers' presentations.

Start Time


0930 - 1000

Workshop Presentation set-up

1000 - 1010

Official Start of workshop. 

Opening of workshop and Welcome, Prof. D. Koutsouris, Head of Biomedical Engineering Laboratory - NTUA

1010 - 1115

Project Presentation and discussions

·      Project Idea, Tassos Tagaris PhD, Medical Informatics Researcher, ICCS (GR) - Eurogene Project Coordinator

·      Introduction to Personal Genetics, Keith Grimaldi, PhD, Sciona (UK) - Eurogene Scientific Coordinator

·      Demo of using a kit and the portal, Angelos Androulidakis, PhD, ICCS (GR)

·      Market Opportunities - Andreas Georgatsos – Ini-novation (UK)

1115 - 1145

Similar projects

·      Convergence of  Genomis and eHealth, Anastassia Kastania (Bioacademy, Greece)

1145 - 1215

Coffee Break - Refreshments

1215 - 1315

Project Presentation and discussions (con’d)

(Presentation of the pilot sites and results)

·      Germany Pilot Case, Dr. Markus Look, Klin Biochem, Bonn, Germany

·      Italian Pilot Case, Dr. Antonio Scioli, Mondo Libero Onlus, Italy

·      Spanish Pilot Case, Dr. Juan Coll, Barbastro Healthcare Area, Spain

·      Clinical Experience with the MyCellf test in Greece, Dr. Ioannis Arkadianos, Scientific and Medical Consultant of Sciona in Eurogene, Member of International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics

1315 - 1415

Similar projects

·      Prediction of Coronary Heart Disease Risk using a Genetic Risk Score: The Greek EPIC study, Dr. N. Yiannakouris, HUA, Greece

·      ACGT: A Semantically-Enabled Infrastructure in support of Clinical Trials and Post-Genomic Research, Stelios Sfakianakis, FORTH, Greece

1415 - 1445

Lunch Break

1445 - 1500

Open Discussion and Conclusions

End of the Workshop

Date: November 27th, 2008 10:00am
Venue: National Technical University of Athens
Amphitheatre of Central Library Building
9, Heroon Polytecneiou str.
Zografou Campus
Athens, Greece

1st Congress of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics (ISNN)
Download the congress program here

Chronic-Complex Diseases and Genetics - 2nd International Symposium on Nutrigenics

Reuters Article About Sciona

3rd Meeting, Barbastro - Spain

The third meeting of EuroGENE was a joint event together with the Health Optimum Midterm Workshop that was organised at 25-27 June 2008 at Barbastro, Spain. The event gathered about 350 individuals from 12 European countries; including Health Care professionals, managers, university lecturers, technologists, social agents and politicians involved in the areas of Health Care Management, Assistential Environment and Information and Communication Technologies and the consortium had the opportunity to give presentations and disseminate the project's idea to a wide audience that was participating in the joint events. The presentation given at the event can be found here.

The PSC meeting focused on the preparation and setup of the 3 pilot sites as well as the translation and customisation issues. Meetings with the Spanish Users were arranged and details about the pilot setup, the patient protocol as well as technical issues were defined and resolved. The technical partner demonstrated the 1st version of the portal to be used for the 1st iteration of the pilot and the local users were trained in using the service.


3rd EuroGENE PSC Meeting   European Forum on Telemedicine - Eurogene Dissemination   European Forum on Telemedicine - EuroGENE Dissemination  

2nd Meeting, ICCS - Athens


The second meeting between EuroGENE partners came into effect the 7th & 8th of April. It was held the Central Library Building of ICCS, Athens, Greece. The meeting was hosted by prof. Dimitris Koutsouris and co-ordinated by project co-ordinator Tassos Tagaris. All partners attended reflecting a collaborative and informative meeting. Discussions were held relating to work completed and plans were outlined for future work. The next meeting will be staged in Spain and will be hosted by BHCA.

Kick Off Meeting


EuroGENE is pleased to announce the first meeting between EuroGENE partners. The kick off meeting was held the 29th of January 2008 and was staged at the Central Library Building of ICCS, Athens, Greece. The event was hosted by ICCS, and was lead by project co-ordinator Dr. Tassos Tagaris and Scientific Coordinator Dr. Keith Grimaldi. Attendees included representatives of all partners; SCIONA Ltd and INI-NOVATION Ltd from UK, Clinical Department of Bonn University (KlinBiochem) from Germany, Association “Mondo Libero Onlus” from Italy and Barbastro Hospital Spain. The kick off meeting progressed for one day. The primary goal of the meeting was to introduce partners and start planning future goals while secondary goals were defining the Quality Plan and setting up the rules for successful Project Management. The meeting progressed adequately and was a productive event said by all. It was decided that the next meeting would be held in Greece again and is to be hosted by ICCS Athens.

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