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The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems is a research organization associated with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SECE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), which is the leading higher education institution in Greece specialising in Engineering. ICCS has been established in 1989 by the Ministry of Education in order to carry out research and development activities in the fields of all diverse aspects of telecommunications systems and techniques, computer systems and their applications such as electric power systems, software and hardware engineering, control systems and biomedical engineering. The personnel of ICCS consist of 60 members of staff of SECE/NTUA, 15 additional research scientists and more than 500 Associate scientists (including PhD students). The research carried out by ICCS is substantially supported by SECE University Professors. ICCS comprises of several research units and laboratories.

The Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (BEL) of NTUA has been active for more than fifteen years in domains related to Basic and Applied Research, in specialised Biomedical Engineering fields such as Health Information Systems & EHR, Knowledge Databases, Business Process Reengineering and Emergency telemedicine via PSTN, ISDN, mobile and satellite communications, Applications of Neural Networks in Healthcare as well as Data security, Biometric Technologies and Public Key Infrastructures for healthcare networks. BEL is very active in European co-funded research activities and has acted as the project manager in many EU projects in various programs (e.g. ISIS, ESPRIT, STRIDE, Telematic Applications, IST, TEN-TELECOM, eTEN, LEONARDO etc) in all of the above mentioned research areas. During the last 3 years BEL has been very active in the field of Standardisation for the Healthcare and Systems’ Interoperability. Its head professor leads the Greek HL7 affiliation and BEL’s staff participates actively in the HL7Hellas working groups. During 2006 BEL was certified with EN ISO 9001:2000 certification for “Design, Implementation, Installation and Support of Information Systems in Health Care” and “e-Health Consultation Services”.

Role in the Project

ICCS will be the Administrative Coordinator as well as a technological partner of the project. It will play a significant role in order to collect the required modifications needed in order to reach the targeted service (in terms of technology). It will also setup-up the service in the three pilots and will be the leader and will provide man effort in the Service Demonstration Work package.

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