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Mondo Libero Onlus will act as a Pilot site. As that it will contribute mainly to WP3 (Service Demonstration) and WP4 (Service Validation & Assessment). Moreover, it will perform Evaluation of the proposed Systems’ Clinical Value. As the title of the centre implies they focus on prevention and have fully equipped facilities for the detection of early risk factors such as carotid intima thickness. Mondo Libero is often frustrated though by the variability in response to treatments such as diet control, exercise and medications, and they understand that part of it, is due to genetic factors and therefore welcome this pilot in their clinic.

They will be coordinating the project within their clinic and working directly with Sciona. Within the group and in agreement with Sciona they will select the patient profile to recruit into the study. A health care assistant will be appointed to help with the actual selection of the patients and the explanation to them of the trial purposes and what would be involved from the patients’ point of view. They will select patients based on their medical profile and their willingness to take part in the full process including the follow-ups. The healthcare assistant will be in charge of organising the visits, helping the patients with the Sciona questionnaire, and coordinating the results of the study. The patients will be seen by Mondo Libero’s physicians who will prescribe the therapy and be responsible for the follow-up. Regarding this aspect they will maintain close contact with Sciona to discuss the personalisation of the therapy according to genetics, to provide feedback on the Sciona system of report delivery and follow-up advice.

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