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INI-NOVATION UK is a firm founded in 1997, in London UK, originally under the name of Advanced Technologies in Business Ltd (ATB). In 2006 INI-NOVATION GmbH, a company based in Germany, specializing in innovation management formed a joint venture with ATB, the result of which was the formation of INI-NOVATION UK. Through this agreement, INI-NOVATION UK has become the UK node, of the INI-GraphicsNet, the International Network of Institutions for Advanced Education, Training and R&D in Computer Graphics Technology, gaining immensely from the network’s offered access to financial, human, methodological and technological resources.

The company focuses into two sectors that of Innovation Consulting Services and that of developing Innovative Products & Services out of R&D Results.

In the Innovation Consulting Services unit we specialize in customizing the Integrated Technology Commercialization (ITC) process for the individual requirements of our customers. The ITC approach covers the entire exploitation process; starting with the initial identification of marketable research results, followed by the systematic assessment of technology potential, we are able to successfully bring technologies to the market either with the launch of spin-offs or through technology licensing. INI-NOVATION UK therefore plays an active role as a process driver in the constant development of technologies for their readiness to enter the market. The firm specializes in offering the following:

  • Innovation Management
  • Technology Screening
  • Incubation Services
  • Training and Qualification

Developing Innovative Products & Services out of R&D Results is a high growth area requiring a firm with a broad experience. Our business strategy in this sector is to be knowledgeable about current advances in technologies and to be able to apply them effectively for our clients’ business success and the internal generation of novel applications through our own participation in research consortiums. INI-NOVATION UK is in the position to offer the required project management, technical and operational skills, in order to ensure a cost effective and efficient completion of project objectives. Doing so we help our clients to minimize the risks of investing in new technologies, adding significant value to their companies. Acting as the UK node of Ini-GraphicsNet, INI-NOVATION UK has access to a large pool of technologies making it suitable to generate and receive a field of commercially promising ideas and identify those that can be transformed into viable products. Namely, INI-NOVATION UK offers services on:

  • Transforming a raw business idea into a viable business plan and finally into a product
  • Gathering partners with complementary expertise to assist and manage the development of the technical prototype
  • Defining business planning and strategy development of start-up firms focusing on financial management issues, dissemination and human resource strategy.

Role in the Project

INNOV will be the Work Package leader for WP2 and WP5. Moreover it will provide man effort and its consultancy experience in the other WPs.

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