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Nutrigenomics is the study of molecular relationships between nutrition and the response of genes, with the aim of extrapolating how such subtle changes can affect human health. In nutrigenomics, nutrients are seen as signals that tell a specific cell in the body about the diet. The nutrients are detected by a sensor system in the cell. Such a sensory system works like sensory ecology whereby the cell obtains information through the signal, the nutrient, about its environment, which is the diet. The sensory system that interprets information from nutrients about the dietary environment includes transcription factors together with many additional proteins. Once the nutrient interacts with such a sensory system, it changes gene, protein expression and metabolite production in accordance with the level of nutrient it senses. As a result, different diets should elicit different patterns of gene and protein expression and metabolite production. Nutrigenomics seeks to describe the patterns of these effects which have been referred to as dietary signatures. Such dietary signatures are examined in specific cells, tissues and organisms and in this way the manner by which nutrition influences homeostasis is investigated. Genes which are affected by differing levels of nutrients need first to be identified and then their regulation is studied. Differences in this regulation as a result of differences in genes between individuals are also studied.

Sciona, the company running Eurogene’s service has developed sophisticated bio-informatics tools to integrate personal lifestyle and genetic information with state of the art medical and nutritional research to create a user friendly report containing comprehensive dietary and lifestyle advice. Sciona’s main product is the Body Benefits Nutrition genetic screen: The latest advances in research have made it possible to create an effective diet and lifestyle plan based on a scientific analysis of the unique genetic profile. With professional genetic screening offered by Eurogene, individuals can now make their most important health decisions based not on fashion, but on their own personal “inside” story. Since individuals are genetically different, they react to food and the environment in a unique way. The small differences in genes can influence how well the body metabolizes foods, uses nutrients and removes damaging toxins or prevents their formation. These small differences and how the body deals with them can ultimately make a big difference to our health. By adjusting our diet and lifestyle to suit our genetic profile, we can make sure that the body functions at its optimum level.  To find out more about Body Benefits results click here
(The Body Benefits results contain information on:

  1. Heart Health - Some genetic factors make it more likely that certain individuals will develop heart disease. We offer these people simple advice to help reduce the risk.
  2. B Vitamin Use - Some people have genetic variations that interfere with the way their bodies use B vitamins, an important factor in cell growth and maintenance.
  3. Detoxification - Genes can determine how well your body cleanses itself of harmful toxins. If necessary, we recommend specific foods to give your cleansing systems a healthy boost.
  4. Antioxidants - A genetically determined level of antioxidants controls how well our bodies neutralize free radicals, destructive molecules involved in aging and a variety of diseases.
  5. Bone Health - Certain genetic factors indicate a need for foods that provide your bones with the nutrients they require to stay strong.
  6. Inflammation - Depending on your genetic profile, you may need certain foods to fight damaging inflammation.
  7. Insulin Sensitivity - If your genes increase your risk of insulin sensitivity, we will recommend dietary and lifestyle changes that help prevent this condition).

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